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Sep 24, 2010

Controversial Dragonica Hydra Server

It was almost 2 weeks ago since we start to experienced difficulty in entering into Dragonica Online PH Client. Lots of us wasn't able to login our accounts no matter how many times we try it. (some said they tried to login for almost an hour, but nothing happened) This is due to increasing number of gamers playing Dragonica Online on Philippine Server. That is why, E-Games annouced that they are going to open a new server hopefully by the end of September, 2010. Some find it exciting, many find it irritating. Lots of players said that E-Games should open new channels instead of a new server. But E-Games didn't do it.

Why E-Games decided to launch a new server instead of adding new channels? I think it is because the current Dragonica Online PH server (Wyvern Server) already reached its maximum limit. Even if they add new channels at Wyvern Server, it will not increase the number of players' capacity that the game server can hold; instead, it will just divided the gamers into smaller playing groups.

Let us assume that Dragonica Server is a Family Sized Pizza which is good for 16 persons only. If the pizza is divided for 16 persons or less, each will recieve a fair share of pizza, and everyone will be satisfy, right? Now, Let's divided the pizza for 32 or 48 persons, do you think anyone will be satisfy on what he will recieve? No. The best thing to do there is to buy another Family Sized Pizza so that there will be ample or fair share of pizza for everyone.

Same thing goes to game servers. We can't force Wyvern Server to accomodate 16,000 gamers if it can only holds 12,000 players. That is why E-Games dicided to open up the new Hydra Server for them to accomodate the increasing number of gamers playing Dragonica Online. They are doing it because they want to satisfy us to the best that they can.

For now, while there are single server available for us, I'm asking my fellow Dragonicans to be patient as E-Games doing their best to launch the new server as soon as possible. =)

Don't hesitate to cast your vote here whether you agree with my opinion or not because all comments are appreciated.

Let you voice be heard by others; comment about the issue here:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 Movie Trailer

It was no more than two months to go before the release of the last sequel of Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; which was divided into two parts. The first part will be release by November, 2010 while the 2nd part will be release by July, 2011. Here are the excerpt of the movie synopsis of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1:
Part 1 begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione set out on their perilous mission to track down and destroy the secret to Voldemort’s immortality and destruction— the Horcruxes. On their own, without the guidance of their professors or the protection of Professor Dumbledore, the three friends must now rely on one another more than ever. But there are Dark Forces in their midst that threaten to tear them apart. Meanwhile, the wizarding world has become a dangerous place for all enemies of the Dark Lord. The long-feared war has begun and Voldemort’s Death Eaters seize control of the Ministry of Magic and even Hogwarts, terrorizing and arresting anyone who might oppose them. But the one prize they still seek is the one most valuable to Voldemort: Harry Potter. The Chosen One has become the hunted one as the Death Eaters search for Harry with orders to bring him to Voldemort…alive. Harry’s only hope is to find the Horcruxes before Voldemort finds him. But as he searches for clues, he uncovers an old and almost forgotten tale— the legend of the Deathly Hallows. And if the legend turns out to be true, it could give Voldemort the ultimate power he seeks. Little does Harry know that his future has already been decided by his past when, on that fateful day, he became “The Boy Who Lived.” No longer just a boy, Harry Potter is drawing ever closer to the task for which he has been preparing since the day he first stepped into Hogwarts: the ultimate battle with Voldemort.

Bibliography or Biography?

Just found out a webpage content grammar error at Sen. Jinggoy Estrada's Website.

Credit to Louise Myjel.

Sep 23, 2010

Girls of Westco Alliance Dayshift Team

There is no occasion nor something special happened today; these girls just take pictures for fun! Here are the pictures of my beautiful female colleagues at Westco Alliance Dayshift Team:

(L-R) Kaye, Joan, Myjel, Ma'am Maya,
Hazel, Edith, Ma'am Dyrah, and Joy

Westco Dayshift Girls with their beautiful smiles

Girl Power

From Serious Post...

To Wacky Post!

Sep 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Romz!

Today; September 22, 2010; is the birthday of our one and only website designer / web developer: No other than Rommel "Romz" Castillo! Happy birthday! I don't know how is he now; but it is important is that he is celebrating his birthday with his old and new friends!

Birthday Celebrator Rommel Castillo
with his Westco Alliance Dayshift Family

Romz's birthday treat for us! Happy Birthday!
Thanks for your treat! Yummy!

Ikaw Ang Dahilan

Ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit ako nandirito;
Kung hindi kita nakilala, hindi sana ako nabuhay;
Kung ako'y mamamatay nang hindi kita nakilala;
Hindi ako mamamatay, dahil hindi ako nabuhay...

- Berso Sa Metro

Sep 16, 2010

Dragonica Cosplay Competition

During the recent Dragonica Commercial Grand Launching, E-Games also held a simple Cosplay Competition wherein participants portrayed some well-known Dragonica Characters. There are only 5 contestants who joined the competition; all of them gave their best to be look-like the characters they portrayed. And just like any other competition, only one of them stand out among the rest. Here are some of pictures taken during the Cosplay Competition:

(Don't know what kind of monster is this!)

Paris (Wow! Sexy ladies on stage!)

Cute Little Trapper

Winner of Dragonica Cosplay Competition

Sep 14, 2010

The Outstanding Dragonica Online Players

One of the highlights of Dragonica Grand Commercial Launching was the 4 versus 4 Slayers' Showdown, the 1 versus 1 Trial Of Heroes, the Combo Catastrophe Challenge. Lots of Dragonicans participated in those tournaments.

Quelum Eversor Team

Team Unkown

Team Admiral

Team Chopsuey

Team Exitializ

Each players gave their best to win each round of the competitions, but at the end of the tournaments, only the most skillful players stands out among the rest. Here are the winners for each competition:

June Marcelo, Maotse Tungol,
John Ray Manano, and Daren Ligon
of Team Admiral
4 Versus 4 Slayers' Showdown Champion

Rico Verzonilla a.k.a. "Direi"
1 Versus 1 Trial of Heroes Champion

Combo Catastrophe Challenge Champion
(with 3,150 Combo)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Morningside and Mayonaise Rock Dragonicans!

The 4th Floor of SM North EDSA Annex was rocked by 2 great bands during the Dragonica Commercial Grand Launching. The afternoon started with the opening performance of Morningside, which is no ther than CM Pyro's Band! Yup! I was REALLY surprised when I saw CM Pyro jamming with his 3 other band members! I was so surprised that time that I wasn't able to took a video of their performance. Only pictures is what I got from them. Anyway, take a look of some of the pictures taken during the live performance of Morningside:

During the event, they showed the Official Music Video of "Andito Na", which is inspired by Dragonica Online. Starring the beautiful Alodia Gosiengfiao & Mech Serva, watch Morningside's Music Video of Andito Na:

After some intermission games conducted by Dianne Sison and PM Steffy, Mayonaise was the next one that rock on stage.

Rock 'en Roll, Dragonicans!

Successful Dragonica Grand Commercial Launching

September 11, 2010 was a remarkable day for E-Games as they launched they most awaited game of the year: Dragonica Online. Attended by lots of Dragonica Online Players (or Dragonicans for short), the 4th floor of SM North EDSA Annex was filled with fun and excitement.

As early as 8:00 A.M., there are already some Dragonicans waiting for the opening of the mall entrance. Most of them are joining the 4 vs 4 Slayers’ Showdown and the 1 vs 1 Trial of Heroes Tournament. After waiting for a few hours; as the mall entrance opened at exactly 10:00 A.M.; Dragonicans swiftly rushed to the event area for early bird (or should I say, “slayer”) registrations. Gamers got free E-Games Domination IV baller and RanGirls 2010 Calendar.

Free to Play Treat for Dragonicans!

There are lots of things that happened that day. There is a whole day free-to-play treat for Dragonicans. There is also a LIVE! Big Wheel Bonanza wherein Gamers have spun the Big Wheel and won some cool in-game stuffs like Lavalon Heart, Lvl. 30 Pet Egg, Gada Coins, and many other items that can use in the game. There is also a Choose-a-Chest Booth wherein Dragonicans tried their luck as they opened a box and won the prize inside it.

Dragonican Trying to Open Up a Chest For Prizes

The event was hosted by Dianne Sison (RanGirl Calendar 2010 Model for the Month of September) and Miss Jane (PM Steffy). They conducted the “Bring-Me” and “Name-That-Mob” Games. Dragonicans really enjoy a lot more; not only because of the prizes given away; but also because of the beautiful ladies that giving the prizes.

Miss Jane (PM Steffy) and Dianne Sison (RanGirl Calendar Model)

Around 1:30 P.M., the stage was rocked by Morningside as they performed LIVE! the Dragonica Online PH Inspired Music: Andito Na. Of course, the mysterious lady in their official music video was finally revealed, who is no other than Alodia Gosiengfiao. Mayonaise Band also rock the Dragonicans that Saturday afternoon.



There is also a Cosplay Competition held that day. 2 cosplay participants portrayed as Paris, there is a cute little girl who portrayed a Trapper, and there is a cosplay participant that portrayed Gaiden. But among them, the cosplay participant that portrayed a Gladiator really stands out.

This Gladiator Rule the Cosplay Competition

But of course, the day will not be completed without the much awaited 4 vs 4 Slayers’ Showdown and the 1 vs 1 Trial of Heroes Tournament. Lots of Teams and Solo Players have shown their skills in playing their chosen Dragonica Character / Job during the competition. At the end of the tournament, champions are finally declared.

Dragonicans Watching a 4 vs 4 Slayers' Showdown

4 vs 4 Slayers' Showdown Champion

1 vs 1 Trial of Heroes Champion

E-Games have really prepared for this event. And only one thing is I can say: Dragonica Commercial Grand Launching is a successful one.

Good job, E-Games!

Sep 8, 2010

Dragonica Commercial Launching!

Makalipas ang ilang linggo mula nang magbukas ang OBT server ng Dragonica Online Philippines, idadaos ng E-Games ang Dragonica Commercial Launching Party sa darating na Sabado; September 11, 2010. Ito ay gaganapin sa SM Annex, North EDSA sa ganap na 10:00 AM. At dahil espesyal ang araw na ito, naghanda ang E-Games ng mga activities para sa mga avid players ng Dragonica Online Philippines! Here are the lists of activities for this coming Saturday: (excerpt from the Official Dragonica PH Blog post)

Stage Activities & Contests

  • Sticker Bring Me – Be sure to bring your Collector’s Item Sticker 1 and 2 at the event for some awesome prizes!
  • Trivia Question – Answer the question and get a prize!
  • Name that Mob – Guess the monster’s name and win a prize!
  • Andito Na Official Music Video Unveiling!
  • Grand Raffle Draw for the Red Fox PC Raffle!

Side Events

Combo Catastrophe Challenge

  • 3 tries to attain the highest combo possible
  • There will be a specific map to perform the combos
  • Participants can choose any of the four BASIC classes
  • Highest Participant who performs the highest combo by the end of the event wins
  • All day

Early Slayers gets the coins

  • First 50 attendees gets 20 Gada Coin coupon

Bigwheel Bonanza Live

  • Spin the wheel and get a prize
  • One spin per attendee
  • All day

Choose a Chest

  • Participants will try to open 3 chests that contains a prize
  • Participant will pick three keys from a bowl and will try to open the three chests
  • Participant can keep the prize inside the chests that he/she opened
  • One try per participant
  • All day


  • Morningside band
  • Mayonnaise band


Slayer’s Showdown 4 versus 4

  • Players uses pre-made characters
  • Four participants from each team
  • 8 Teams MAX (First come, first served basis. Team must be complete before registering. Incomplete team will not be allowed to register)
  • Single Elimination Match
  • Official Map will be Labyrinth of Mystey
  • No pots
  • Handicap ON
  • 5 rounds only

Eliminations – Knockout System (Team advances after winning 1 set of the 5 round match)

Semi-finals – Race to 2 (Team advances after winning 2 sets of the 5 round match)

Championship – Race to 3 (Team will be the champion after winning 3 sets of 5 round match)


White Lord JR Costume for each team member (Permanent & Unreleased)
150 pcs Gada Coin for each team member
150 Devil Soul Stones for each team member
Level 30 Pet eggfor each team member

Second Runner Up
100 Pieces Gada Coin for each team member
100 Devil Soul Stones for each team member
Level 30 Pet Egg for each for each team member

Trial of Heroes 1 versus 1

  • Players uses pre-made characters
  • 10 Participants MAX (First come, first served basis)
  • Single Elimination Match
  • Official Map will be Labyrinth of Mystey
  • No pots
  • Handicap ON
  • 5 rounds only

Eliminations – Knockout System (Participant advances after winning 1 set of the 5 round match)

Semi-finals – Race to 2 (Participant advances after winning 2 sets of the 5 round match)

Championship – Race to 3 (Participant will be the champion after winning 3 sets of 5 round match)

1v1 Tournament Prizes

White Lord JR Costume (Permanent & Unreleased)
#1 Slot in Housing Auction
150 Gada Coins
150 Devil Soul Stones

Second Runner Up
100 Gada Coins
100 Devil Soul stones
Level 30 pet egg

This is gonna be an awesome day for all of us! See you there, fellow Slayers!

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