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Sep 14, 2010

The Outstanding Dragonica Online Players

One of the highlights of Dragonica Grand Commercial Launching was the 4 versus 4 Slayers' Showdown, the 1 versus 1 Trial Of Heroes, the Combo Catastrophe Challenge. Lots of Dragonicans participated in those tournaments.

Quelum Eversor Team

Team Unkown

Team Admiral

Team Chopsuey

Team Exitializ

Each players gave their best to win each round of the competitions, but at the end of the tournaments, only the most skillful players stands out among the rest. Here are the winners for each competition:

June Marcelo, Maotse Tungol,
John Ray Manano, and Daren Ligon
of Team Admiral
4 Versus 4 Slayers' Showdown Champion

Rico Verzonilla a.k.a. "Direi"
1 Versus 1 Trial of Heroes Champion

Combo Catastrophe Challenge Champion
(with 3,150 Combo)

Congratulations to all the winners!


derek said...

hehehe..sayang. sana nakasama ako.

Kiko said...

@derek: sama ka na kasi sa mga susunod na events para ma meet mo na din mga ka guild mo.

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