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Apr 27, 2011

Featured Pinoy Online Gamer: Kent Cebedo

“Family comes first no matter what.”

- Adam Sandler

(From Movie, “Click”)

Last time, we get to know “TULISan” guy of Wasak Guild, Josh Regondola (a.k.a. Batotoy). Now, let us get to know another “TULISan” guy; but this time; he came from my very own guild: Hellios Infinitium. As an introduction to our next Featured Pinoy Online Gamer, let me tell some things about him.

I’ve been with the group for a couple of weeks (or months, I think); and he is one of the guys whom warmly welcome me in the group. The first time I’ve interacted with him thru our guild’s facebook group, to be honest, “nayabangan ako sa kanya.” It’s true. Tipong di ko yata makakasundo. Tipong mamba badtrip sa akin palagi. But, I’m wrong. As days passed by, I get to know him more. He thought me lots of things, lalo na sa in-game; despite of the fact that we have different jobs (he is a Shadow; while I’m on my way on being a Guardian). Nakakabiruan ko din sya. And now, he is my MOST TRUSTED FRIEND in Dragonica PH. Well, I will not make this longer; let’s get to know Hellios Infinitium Vice Guild Master, Spakiki; known as Kent Cebedo in real life:

Kent Cebedo; together with Vice Guild Master Gemeleigh and Guild Leader lLucifer; is helping his guildmates to the best that he can. Hmm. I wonder what his guildmates can say about him. Well, let us hear some of their comments about Spakiki:

Venia said:

si spakiki.

VGM ng hellios"

mabait nmn yun :))

namimigay nga ng gold at equips"

trustd xa nah player"

hahaha" loko yun!

ang yomon"

complete nah costume nya!


masaya yun kasama"

PahNexT said:

Si Ginoong Spakiki… Siya ay isang napakahusay na NINJA, ay hindi isa na pala siya ngayong shadow. Pero paminsan-minsan ay ginagamit pa rin niya ang kanyang mga NINJA moves. ^.^

Sabi ng iba siya raw ay isang matulis na nilalang. Tingin ko hindi naman talaga siya ganoon katulis. Siguro sadya lamang siyang mapalakaibigan lalo na sa mga babae. Siya ay nasa ibang bansa. Ibig sabihin siya ay mayaman, ALAM NIYO NA. Sa sobrang yaman nga niya siya ay namimigay siya ng mga gamit sa mga kapos-palad at nagpa-tournament din siya na ang kasali ay kaming magkaka-guild at ang premyo ay tumataginting na 3K gold.

SunnySide Said:

BASTOS, SINUNGALING, TAMAD at TRASHTALKER . Ilan lang sa mga katangian na HINDI mo makikita kay Kent. Sa katunayan isa siyang mabuti, masipag, mapagbigay at responsableng gamer. Bilang forumer, maituturing siya na NPA dahil makikita mong pakalat-kalat sa kung saan-saang thread na nagbibigay ng tips sa kapwa forumer but mostly for the sake na may makitang matutulis. Bilang kaguild, isa saya sa mga taong nagbibigay buhay dito at emotero din yan paminsan-minsan.

May balak din yata siya na maging stunt man.

Winex said:

haaallooww .spakiki..alyas ate kent..

ito lang masasabi ko sau.. :):)

mahal ka namin (soobraaa) kahit idiot ka :):) . .ahahaha .

idowl kita(joke^^).. dahil mgandang halimbawa ka para sa ating mga guildmatesat pati narin sa akin..(LOLdrama^^) . .

Gemeleigh said:

One word: MATULIS
hahaha! lahat na lang tinulis.. pati ang angel ko tinutulis din niya, wtf! hehe peace kent.. f7 buddy ko yan ^_^

YunaHeart said:

mabait cguro… demanding :)

That was Spakiki in the eyes of his guildmates. Let’s get to know him more as he share himself to us:

Real Life Name: Kent Cebedo (Spakiki weeee ^_^ )

Birthday: July 2, 1989

Birthplace: Ozamiz City (oh yeah! certified bisaya )

Some Info About You: Well I was a former varsity player in high school(basketball) and I played in Ireland as well in the Filipino tournaments.. Certified game addict. I’m not a nerd. Some guys are good at sports, some are good at games. I just didn’t set a limit to things that I wanted to do. All I can say is, I can be the best guy or friend you can ever have as long as you stay true to me. I’ll always have on your back no matter what. Proven and tested na po yan =)

I’m not really like most of the guys, I know this is commonly said by people but if only u take time to know me, then you’ll see what kind of human being I am. When it comes to family and people that I love, I’d sacrifice everything for them. Believe it or not, when I was working here in Ireland (di ko ma remember yung sweldo ko sa 1st job) I was earning around €350 per week on my 2nd job.. I always give the €300 to my mom w/out hesitation or her asking for anything, cause I know what our situation is. I even help 1 of my cousin in the Philippines on her tuition and now her mom as in Ireland because we were able to help her and it felt really good to see the result of your hard work and help especially now that they are having a good life.

Mataas po pasensya ko, pero yung ugali ko namana talaga sa mom ko. If love ko yung tao, ibibigay ko ang makakaya ko. Pag oras naman na gaguhin nyo ako, don’t expect me to pretend that nothing happened because surely you’ll realize the way that I will threat you. Dun ko siguro nakuha yung ugali ko na kahit wala ako mabili sa sarili ko, as long as may tao akong natutulungan, happy na ako dun. I even manage to save some of the remaining sa sweldo ko para maka bili ng X-Box sa sarili ko at para sa family ko naman, nood kami ng sine, kakain sa labas or order ng pizza. Simple but quality family time. =)

List of Online Games Played and Currently Playing: Started with Counter Strike (oh yeah! I’m sure miss nyo yan! :P), then comes Ragnarok (short time on PH) then after 5yrs I played in EURO server until it closes, thank God we got a transfer so I will be in fRO (French^^) , Gun Bound , O2 Jam(Malaysia),Maple Story , KOS,DOTA (imba support..Need nyo ako sa tournament?sure..haha) and Dragonica.

In-game names:

  • DGN – spakiki(6x Shadow), bLdyKillah(2x knight)
  • KOS – spakiki, SweetestSin(ANYA char wohoo!!)
  • DOTA – spakiki, bLdyBabyKillah
  • RO - -crystal05- (94 sniper) , ,.,Crystal,.,(85 assassin cross) , DaRk_AnG3L(9x Gunny) , **SweetestSin**(95 bard)
Kiko: How do make your characters so strong like that?
Kent: Sa DGN (1500) at KOS (500) lng talaga ako nka spend ng money to be honest..well we all know that in DGN u need to buy recipe via cash item and I have trust issues on people that I don’t know so I bought my own recipe^^ . Keep this in mind; I’m really not the type of gamer who likes RMT, maybe buy some cash items but not buying things from other players using real money.

My RO char’s are the best examples, I just look for parties and play every day whenever I can. My assassin-cross is only level 85, but I can break almost any guild solo and I give big guilds a hard time.. I have saved my RO guild many times and given them many castles from last minute breaks on the Emperium despite being outnumbered^^

My characters are not really that strong, I’m not even one of the top players in my class sa DGN. I just enjoy playing and I think that’s more important that trying to become one of the elite. I’d rather have fun than become one of the best at di nag eenjoy. =)

Kiko: How do you manage and balance your in-game and real-world life?
Kent: If ever I’m not doing something then that’s the time I play up to sawa but at the same time if ever may utos or need ko na gawin , I really set my priorities first . I can still play after I’ve done things that are needed to be done. As I grow older I was able to realize. “Family comes first no matter what”- Adam Sandler from the movie “Click”.

Kiko: Have you come to the point that your gaming life affected your real life? Especially with your family and friends?
Kent: Yeah it did. I started cutting classes or missing classes cause I was playing.. hehe .. When I started playing ragnarok again here in Ireland, I always try not to miss War of the Emperium! Oh yeah! I have always been and will be a guild wars addict. hehe. It was really hard cause almost the whole day I would spend almost all of my time in my room in front of the computer, kahit di ako nagpapa level kausap ko yung mga friends ko na mga international sa RO.. It almost like yung world ko sa RO was becoming more real than the real world. I don’t think u can blame me, most of the time real world gives you real problem. haha.

But, I later realize that I was becoming less social in the real world. I have change and I had a hard time approaching people I just met. That’s the time I realize that I needed to cut off my game time. I was depressed kasi that time. I lost my job kasi recession, ang hirap mka hanap ng work. For one year wala akong work, kaya umuwi ako ng Pilipinas at nagpalipas ng oras dun. And here I am, back in Ireland doing my best to find a new job. I don’t care what kind of job, as long as I can save up for the future this time. =)

Kiko: There are lots on Pinay Online Gamers nowadays. Do you (by any chance) seek some proof to prove that the one who you're playing is a real girl? If so, WHY?
Kent: Is that a big deal? – Well I do. like I stated earlier; I have trust issues with online gamers =) I don’t mind playing with a girl character and the owner is a guy as long as I knew it. It’s not that big of a deal to others but for me, knowing people in game and in real life is important for me.

It would be kinda weird kasi in a game like dragonica or ragnarok na may marriage system. What if u were married to a cross-dresser? Don’t you think it would be weird? I know papasok agad sa isip nyo na nakikipag flirt lang yung tao, HALLER! Wag lang po taung maging assumera/assumero para walang issue. Haha. Besides decision nyo na din naman yan kung gusto nyo magpakilala sa tao o hindi. =)

Kiko: Bakit ang TULIS nyo kapag nalaman nyo na "real "girl ung player?
Kent: Well we’re boys aren’t we? It’s in our nature naman siguro yan na medyo flirt. Pero at least di ko binabastos yung tao, I know my limitations. =)

Kiko: What do you exactly feel when you are 'constantly' pawned or owned by a girl in-game?
Kent: I don’t really mind. As long as she doesn’t have a foul mouth. The only time I ever trash talk is if that person said and used dirty or bad words against me. I mean di naman sa lahat ng panahon maiiwasan mo talaga,lalo na pag bad trip ka o mainit lang talaga ang ulo. I do tend to avoid these things whenever I can and besides; DGN is not a game of sexes isn’t it? May mga girls lang talaga that are hardcore gamers talaga. =)

Kiko: Have you fall in love in-game?
Kent: Oh well di naman talaga ma iwasan na ma develop yung mga gamers especially if that particular person makakalaro mo halos everyday tapos nag uusap pa kayo. The feeling is mutual I guess^^

But seriously, NOPE. Maybe if na chat ko sya with cam so at least alam ko na tunay sya na girl because it’s easy to make and fake a Facebook account or other social networks account xP

Kiko: If you need to choose only one between two things: girlfriend or game; which one you'll choose?
Kent: Girlfriend.. it’s a no brainer =)

Kiko: Do you prefer your girlfriends to be gamers as well, or not? WHY?
Kent: Does it matter? I don’t think it does really. I met my EX-GF outside any game and we were together for 5 long years and now here I am, single ulit haha. Don’t worry; games had nothing to do with our break-up. Not even a game in life =)

Kiko: Any tips for your fellow gamers in your current games?
Kent: Wag po masyadong ambisyo on becoming the best in that particular game , it will become a deadly obsession and baka mawala yung joy and fun mo cause sometimes if a better player is going to beat you , it sometimes eat you up inside. Masisira yung pride mo at mawawalan ka ng gana^^ .

Respect nyo nlng po kapwa gamer nyo, based on experience yung mga nakakalaro ko in game, nagtutulongan din kami in real life kahit as simple thing as talking to them on FB when you really need somebody to talk to. My guild leader in RO (german pa nga to eh :P) and DGN (also the VGM) are now 1 of my top friends in real life and they earned my respect.

Kiko: Anything else you want to say?
Kent: Well like I stated on this interview, I always like to know the people I played with in game. So feel free to add me up on Facebook: Kent Cebedo search nyo lang po ako.

Hellios Infinitium Family hello to all especially to Lucifer (boss tulis ^_^),Gemeleigh (It's JE - MI - LEY not GAME - LEIGH ^_^ haha) , fortress ( cno kaya to? o.O haha) , Kaximira (hi sis^^), Louelle (best couple ever, now my ex couple xD) and sa mga di ko na mention ma kakulitan in game at sa forums.

Lesson learned in game. Not all people are trustworthy, even if u knows them outside the game. You know who you are! ^_^

Thanks Kent for sharing yourself to us! By the way, some of his guildmates have a personal wish for him. Let us hear it from them:

Good Luck sa iyong daan patungo sa iyong target na maging isa sa pinaka-IMBANG shadow sa mundo ng Dragonica PH.
– PahNexT

Hiling ko lang sau.. :) BUUUHHHAAAYYIIINN mo ang HELLIOS INFINITIUM guild gaya ng dati :) (I believe you, idiot :D)

Para sa HELLIOS shout out ko..
– Winex

That’s all about for our Featured Pinoy Online Gamer! Until next time, guys!

Apr 19, 2011

Featured Pinoy Online Gamer: Josh Henry Regondola

"...The relationships created through gaming are more important than the game itself.

Hindi mo dapat ipagpalit ang mga kaibigan mo in game para lang sa kakarampot na gold.

Kaya utang na loob wag na wag ninyon hahackin ang katropa niyo."

- Josh
Since it was holy week already, I decided to have an early post for our next Featured Pinoy Online Gamer. Last time, we get to know some of what they called "Bullies" of Dragonica PH Forum. Now, let have someone from the group of "TULISans". Guys (and Girls!), let us get to know Josh Henry Regondola; no other than "Batotoy" of Wasak Guild:

2010 Christmas Party Gift

Josh Henry with GM Gino
on their Graduation Day

Inuman Session with his Cousin

Josh Henry Regondola a.k.a. "Batotoy" is one of the known members of Dragonica PH Wyvern Guild, Wasak. His guild and his very own forum name (Batotoy) is really catchy; sounds like a maniac from a group of rapist, right? (LOL! Just kidding!) I don't know Batotoy so much so I decided to ask some of his guildmates whom I think know him even a little. And here are what they said about Batotoy:

Nicci said:
"Bully. Bully. Bully.Menyak! haha joke. A good friend despite na sadyang alaskador lang talaga. at Gwapo daw sabi niya. *Ayoko ng magsalita* "

GrizzLied said:
"Pagkakakilala ko ke Batots? Hmmm, one word, menyak! :)) Pero seriously, asteg yang c josh, masaya kasama ingame kasi makulit, bibo,

maingay (in a good way), tsaka magaling makisama, nasasakyan nya yung trip naming R-18 :)). In real life naman paubaya ko na kay aldz (aldzyo) xD. Konti lang kase alam ko dyan kay josh irl, basta alam ko matulis yan bwahahaha."

Aldzyo said:
"si Batotoy ay napakayabang. puro hangin. puro satsat, wala namang binatbat.
nakikipagtapat sa 5~10 levels away from his. san ka pa. di na nahiya. bully.
parang lata. walang laman. puro ingay.
nagpapakatulis, mapurol naman. wahaha.
so far un ung pagkakakilala ku sa kanya in game.
on the other hand, bestfriend ko siya in real life.
dun, walang pinagkaiba. mayabang at puro daldal pa din.
ngunit, isa siyang napakabuting barkada at the same time.
matalino. maalalahanin. matulungin. masayahin. mayabang.
rakenrol Batotoy! :D"

Sounds interesting? Well, let us get to know more Josh Henry Regondola a.k.a. Batotoy as he shared himself to us:

Real Life Name: Josh Henry Regondola

Birthday: October 3, 1989

Birthplace: Ligao City, Albay

Occupation: Fresh Graduate of BS Computer Engineering

Some Info About Josh:
Ako po ay isang tao na ubod ng bait, sobrang mahiyain at higit sa lahat saksakan ng gwapo. Ako ang pinakahumble na tao sa mundo.
Haha, seriously Di ko alam kung panu idedescribe ang sarili ko. Basta bukod sa mahilig ako sa bahay aliwan madalas din ako magsimba. Kaya pag December pagkatapos ng bahay aliwan deretso simbang gabi.

List of Online Games Played and Currently Playing: Ragnarok, Exteel SEA, Gunbound (GIS and PH), RAN, KHAN, Priston Tale, Grand Chase, Dragonica etc.

Kiko: How do make your characters so strong like that?
Josh: Actually, Di ko kino-consider na strong ang mga characters ko. I just consider them important lalo na kung talagang nag grind ako para mag level-up ung character.

I really hate grinding, mas gusto ko pa tumambay at magchat kesa magpa level-up. Kadalasan mas mabilis pa ako yumaman kesa tumaas ang level dahil madalas tambay ako sa market (reminiscing the old ragnarok days).

Kiko: How do you manage and balance your in-game and real-world life?
Josh: In reality balancing your gaming life and real life is a big pain in the ass. Di ako naniniwala sa mga taong nagsasabing disiplina lang ang sagot sa tanung na ito. It took me so long before I was able to not actually balance but actually set my in game and real life priorities in place.

Wala naman talagang balanseng gaming and real life dahil una sa lahat wala namang balanseng buhay. Ang pagsasabi na balanse ang buhay mo sa lahat ng aspeto ay isang malaking kalokohan.

Kiko: Have you come to the point that your gaming life affected your real life? Especially with your family and friends?
Josh: Maraming beses na tong nangyari. Lol. Naalala ko ng binreakan ako ng gf ko dahil sa impulsive kong reply sa kanya habang naglalaro ng Mafia Wars sa facebook, “mamaya ka na magchat, wala ka namang kwentang kausap e”.

Kaya sa mga kababaihan, sana isipin niyo lagi na not all things said are meant.

Kiko: There are lots on Pinay Online Gamers nowadays. Do you (by any chance) seek some proof to prove that the one who you're playing is a real girl? If so, WHY? Is that a big deal?
Josh: Lots? Masyado naman atang exaggerated kung sasabihin nating “lots” na ang babae sa gaming. Seriously siguro several lng. Kalalakihan pa rin ang nagdodominate sa gaming world sa aking opinion.

Usually talagang inaalam ko kung talagang babae in real life ang isang gamer lalo na kung ito ay member ng guild na aking kinabibilangan. Ito ay para sa kapakanan ng bawat miyembro ng guild dahil kung nakapagsisinungaling ka sa gender mo, tiyak sa mas marami pang bagay sinungaling ka.

Kiko: Special Question from Girls: Bakit ang TULIS nyo kapag nalaman nyo na "real "girl ung player?
Josh: Ang panunulis ay isang natural na reaction na sa kalalakihan. Marami lang sigurong matulis sa game dahil hindi nila ito magawa in real life (e.g. GM Rino, Spakiki, Entity :*).

Kiko: What do you exactly feel when you are 'constantly' pawned or owned by a girl in-game?
Josh: Wala lang mas nage enjoy ako at naa amaze sa mga kababaihang malakas in game dahil mas madalas konti bola lang matutulis mo na sila. Hahaha. Pero magingat baka ma-Katposh kayo.

Kiko: Have you fall in love in-game?
Josh: Never, mahahati lang ang assets mo in game. Lol. Imbes na sarili mo lang iniisip mo me manghihingi pa sayo. Para sa akin ang pagiging in-love ay kailangan ng panahon na pagiging magkasama.

Mahal mo ang isang tao kung kaya mong tiisin ang anghit niya sa katawan o anumang kapintasan niya. Isang kalokohan na sabihin sa nililigawan mo ( in game or irl) na mahal mo siya ngunit di mo naman gaanong kilala.

Masarap manulis pero ang panunulis ay panunulis lamang at kailanman hindi pwede maging pagmamahal.

Kiko: If you need to choose only one between two things: girlfriend or game; which one you'll choose NOW?
Josh: Napakahirap na tanong ito Kiko, pero sa aking pananaw pwede naman silang pagsabayin. Maglaro kayo ng gf mo hahaha. Lol. Seriously, one of the things I learned in my gaming life is that the relationships created through gaming are more important than the game itself. Hindi mo dapat ipagpalit ang mga kaibigan mo in game para lang sa kakarampot na gold.

Kaya utang na loob wag na wag ninyon hahackin ang katropa niyo. Same way goes sa gf mo, wag mo ipagpalit ang gf mo sa simpleng laro lang, lalo na kung binibigyan ka niya ng pambili ng EP.

Kiko: Do you prefer your girlfriends to be gamers as well, or not? WHY?
Josh: Siguro Nope. Pano na lang kung gamer yung gf mo, eh hindi ka na makakapanulis niyan. Hehe

Kiko: Any tips for your fellow gamers in your current games?
Josh: Just enjoy guys. Wag masyado seryoso. Ok lang murahin ang kaparty as long as you don’t actually mean it. Alam natin maraming bobong naglalaro ng dragonica pagpasensyahan niyo na lang sila. Malay niyo isa kayo sa kanila. Hahaha

Seriously, just learn to put your priorities in place. Pag busy kayo sa school wag muna kayo maglogin, pag balik niyo makukuha niyo na ang pinaka aasam ninyong “Long time no see” medal at the same time you are able to pay attention to your studies.

Kiko: Anything else you want to say?
Josh: I just want to thank Bench for my underwear, sensation for my ****, Grand matador brandy and my freakin awesome guild Wasak.

In game friends and forums friends hello hello.. Lastly, thanks kiko sa pagbato sa mga katanungang ito. Iilan lamang ang gwapo sa mundo at napakagaling mo pumili. Salamat.

Well, I hope girls will not be scared of you anymore! LOL! Thanks Josh for being part of Featured Pinoy Online Gamer series! Until next time, guys!

Apr 15, 2011

Featured Pinoy Online Gamer: Darren Bernardino

"Ignorance is never an excuse. Pag may hindi ako alam, nire-research ko agad."

- Darren

If you are playing Dragonica PH, you might already meet and play with Aidamus. Yup, he is one of the high level characters in Dragonica PH now.

You might already encountered him also in Dragonica PH Forum; bullying some of the forumers together with The Entity, Aoxi, and other forum bullies.

Aidamus was once chosen as Featured Player in Dragonica PH website; telling more about himself in-game.

But, who really Aidamus is in REAL LIFE? Well, let us get to know Darren Bernardino, the guy behind the in-game name, Aidamus:

Eto na yung pinaka cheesy kong pictures at ang cute ko dito. - Darren

Real Life Name: Darren Bernardino

Birthday: February 17 1992

Birthplace: Imus Cavite

Occupation: 2nd year BSIT student, Part-time programmer/technician.

Some Info About You:
To begin with, I'm a normal healthy person like everyone else. Medyo geeky na hindi. Straight-forward na person. I like to innovate on things. I'm a learner, I'd like to learn as much as I can.

Yes, that would be me. Pero seryoso din ako. I love to read alot, learn alot of things. Explore new things that would expand my knowledge.

Tumatak sa buong katauhan ko yung sinabi sakin ng isa kong barkada "Hindi dapat ganyan, be open minded." It knocked me off. So yeah, here I am pretty open minded. Ignorance is never an excuse. Pag may hindi ako alam, nireresearch ko agad.

Mahilig ako lumakwatsa. Yun nga lang, ako lang mag-isa parati dahil magastos pag may kasama. Hindi rin ako madamot pag meron ako.

Medyo techy ako sa mga bagay-bagay. Dahil sa sobrang likot ng aking pag-iisip, marami akong natutunan about techs stuff which helped me alot(I think..) and I helped alot of people by it.

I love girls with short hairs.

I'm a random person. Kung anong pumasok sa isip ko na gusto kong gawin, go lang.

Well maybe, eto lang muna masasabi ko. Marami na yan.

Pahabol : Ako ay mayabang.

List of Online Games Played and Currently Playing:
Dragonica - Aidamus max level.
Ragnarok(Private servers) - Aidamus max levels.
AirRivals - Pyramid/Aidamus level 81.
o2jam(Nawala na) - darren117 level 42

Lahat ng character ko Aidamus pangalan. Wag nyo na tanungin kung san ko nakuha yung Aidamus, naisip ko lang yan. Anyways, that's my cybernick.

Kiko: How do make your characters so strong like that?
Darren: I spend long time playing it. Research. Eto yung pinaka importanteng bagay sa paglalaro ng online games. Dito ka lalakas dahil may advantage kang INFORMATION na wala ang iba.

Farming MONEY/GOLD. Then there goes the good char. Lahat naman kayang gawin to, sipag lang.

Kiko: How do you manage and balance your in-game and real-world life?
Darren: Sabi sakin nung sa elementary ko, "TIME MANAGEMENT". Dapat may nakalaan na oras para sa isang bagay na importanteng gawin. Pag natapos mo na iyon, pwede mo ng gawin ang mga bagay na gusto mo.

Dapat lagi kang may oras sa pag-aaral, oras sa iba, at oras sa paglalaro. Hindi yung puro laro lang dahil sabi nga nila "Get a life."

Kiko: Have you come to the point that your gaming life affected your real life? Specially with your family and friends?
Darren: As much as possible, iniiwasan ko maapektuhan yan. Online gaming is just a past-time to do. Hindi dapat ito sineseryoso.

Kiko: There are lots on Pinay Online Gamers nowadays. Do you (by any chance) seek some proof to prove that the one who you're playing is a real girl? If so, WHY? Is that a big deal?
Darren: Well, there's always facebook and multimessenger which they show off their faces.

But who cares. I don't really mind kung babae sila or not. As long as they are having fun with me. And no, it's not much of a big deal.(Well for me is it.)

Kiko: (Special Question from Girls!) Bakit ang TULIS nyo kapag nalaman nyo na "real "girl ung player?
Darren: Syempre, natural lang yon. We are healthy guys afterall. Normal lang siguro na magwala yung iba dahil diba nga "There's no woman on the internet." :P

Kiko: What do you exactly feel when you are 'constantly' pawned or owned by a girl in-game?
Darren: Nothing.. Really. I don't treat girls as a different level of gamer or something. I treat them equals as boys does.

Kiko: Have you fall in love in-game?
Darren: Well I did once nung RO days ko pa lang.
Nakilala ko tong si Adrienne. She's somewhere from singapore, so parehas kami ng gaming time. We chat alot. We get to know each other.

Naging kami na before we've seen each other. I didn't care how she would look like but yeah, I think I'm in-love. "

At dahil sa kadalasan naming pag MSN at pag cam to cam, mas lalong lulalim ang aming pagsasama. Pero dumating yung araw na hindi inaasahan....

Pero dahil nga siguro immature pa ako, I had this instinct na "Hindi tama tong ginagawa ko. These are things that should not be to be taken seriously" Kaya yon, we broke.

And I learned. Tama ang instincts ko. :D

Kiko: What make you fall in love with her?
Darren: Too much talk and bond. Dahil nga isa akong healthy normal person, I'm attracted to opposite sex. Dahil gusto mong makaexperience ng something new. Something different from the others! Kaya siguro na-inlove ako.

Kiko: If you need to choose only one between two things: girlfriend or game; which one you'll choose NOW?
Darren: For now, I'd choose the game. Dahil I'm pretty lonely here. No one's with me. =)
Kiko: Hindi ka naman nagpaparinig nyan? Hahaha! LOL! Just kidding.
Darren: Pero in a convenient way, I'd choose the girlfriend. If I only had one, paglalaruin ko sya ng game. At maadik kami habang buhay. Yey \o/

Kiko: So, you prefer your girlfriends to be gamers as well, right?
Darren: Sure, why not. Maganda yung kahit hindi nyo kasama ang isa't-isa, may connection parin kayo sa isang bagay na iyon at papahalagahan nyo yun. (:

Kiko: Any tips for your fellow gamers in your current games?
Darren: Ignorance is never an excuse. Use google. It wil help you... ALOT.

Kiko: Anything else you want to say?
Darren: Uhhh, hello sa nanay ko at sa mga nagbabasa ng notebook ni Kiko.
Binabati ko rin pala yung guild ko ngayon na Einherjar(Kahit wala ako ngayon dyan)
Please visit din pala, yung mini blog ko If you're interested : (Hindi pa ako naguupdate eh, pero may mga feeds din dyan. About desktop and stuff)
My facebook :
ym : darren_1177

Kung meron man kayong mga katanungan tungkol sakin at gusto pang malaman, paki email nalang kay
Maraming salamat!

Well, that's all about Aidamus. Thanks a lot Darren fo being part of this! Until the next time!

Who will be the next Featured Pinoy Online Gamer?

Apr 6, 2011

Crazy Love Conversation

PUSO: Mahal ko talaga sya, Isip...
ISIP: Alam ko, sobra pa nga di ba?
PUSO: Alam mo naman pala eh! Bakit pilit mo sya kinakalimutan?
ISIP: Kasi ayaw kitang masaktan pa.
STOMACH: Makinig ka naman kay Isip, kasi sa sobrang pagmamahal mo, di ka na kumakain. Tulala ka madalas.
LIVER: Korek! Palagi ka pa umiinom, naapektuhan na kami ni Kidney!
KIDNEY: Tttaaammmaaa!!!
LUNGS: Ako din, nahihirapan na kami ni Kidney.
KIDNEY: Korek! Isang malaking CHECK!
PULSO: Basta wag nyo ako idadamay sa kalokohan nyo... yari tayong lahat!

Shared to me by my beloved wife.

Apr 1, 2011

Coby Kyros: Review and Specifications

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