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Apr 21, 2013

Vhan Lee Espejo: Featured Pinoy Online Gamer

Life is short, so Live life to the fullest! Help, cheer-up, and make others smile, for we only live, and die once. 

- Vhan
It has been long time since the last time I featured a Pinoy / Pinay Gamer here. Due to a friend's demand (Kent Cebedo), I'll be featuring another Pinoy Online Gamer. Well, I will not make the introduction so long. Let's get to know the Guild Leader of Demise Clan (Ragnarok Online),  Vhan Lee Espejo from Quezon City.

Real Life Name: Vhan Lee Espejo

Birthday: November 22,1992

Birthplace: Quezon City

Occupation: Web Developer, MMORPG Hobbyist (if you'll call that occupation)

Some Info About You: I’m Vhan,leader of the Demise Clan (Ragnarok Online),a gamer, a MMORPG hobbyist,a script kiddie ,a geek ,I love reading books, novels (specially Assassin Creed by Oliver Bowden),Mangas, encyclopedia (when I'm done reading up all my latest book collection). I also do sports, tennis, table tennis, badminton and chess. Music is one of my passion, I usually play the guitar (especially when the mood kicks in), bass guitar (in my past band), and saxophone (it's an e-flat alto sax, i usually play it on special occasions). Well, some gamers don't tend to stay all day playing their favorite MMORPG in front of a pc, they also have a life. (If that’s what you call it :D )  

List of Online Games Played and Currently Playing:
ROSE Online, MU Online (MU Philippines), Perfect World Philippines (Tiger Server), Tales of Pirates, Grand Fantasia (Pocholo Server), Gunz Online, Point Blank Philippines, Freestyle Online (2006), Gunbound Philippines (2008), Ragnarok Online New Chaos (retired 2010) , Ragnarok Private Servers (No Permanent Server).

I usually fall for a game that has good graphics, good story line, epic PvPs/PvMs, and yeah, a game that stimulates a person's creativity, strategy and decision making.

Kiko: How do make your characters so strong like that?
Vhan: Actually, there are two kinds of "strong characters”, one is a strong player who cans PWN people, and a "strong character" that people respects and looks up to. Well, basically, No Man's an island, for me to have a strong character, you must have a very reliable teammate/buddy who can endure and face the hardships and trials , the one who can also cover your "blind-side"(weaknesses) and support you during PvPs and GvGs. Teamwork is the best word to describe it.

Kiko: How do you manage and balance your in-game and real-world life?
Vhan: It's just about setting your priorities, remember, the games are just there waiting for you after you finished-up and did all the things that are above your priority list, but hey- in every statement, there's always an exception :D

Kiko: Have you come to the point that your gaming life affected your real life? Specially with your family and friends?
Vhan: Yes, alot of times,i even lost a dear friend due to PvPs and hard core match-ups. Jealousy and Dogmatism/Close Mindedness might be the proper combination to alienate people.

Kiko: There are lots on Pinay Online Gamers nowadays. Do you (by any chance) seek some proof to prove that the one who you're playing is a real girl? If so, WHY?
Vhan: Yes, cause girl adds the "spice" to life :), (I mean real Girls),cause they have the power to start wars (It's a common thing that there are a lot of dudes fighting over a girl to get her attention),the gaming world has been very complex lately ,more than 73% of the population nowadays from aged 8 and over are hooked into Video games, whether the console is XBox, Ps3, GameCube, NDS, Desktop PCs, etc. you might not even notice that the one who pwns ,trashtalks and harasses you often is a girl. And it's not hard to admit that every female gamer captivates every guy's interest (even for a guy who is not an enthusiast). Being a gamer girl is a major turn on, for a lot of male gamers ( I myself included) have always been yearning for a girl who can understand the gameplay, know their lingos and rock the game.

*off topic* So ladies, if you want to captivate a guy's heart, the first thing to do is to know his passion, his interests, second, do it as well.

Kiko: Bakit ang TULIS nyo kapag nalaman nyo na "real "girl ung player?
Vhan: That's part of life, and part of male ego, especially when the girl is hot. But for me, whether the girl is hot or not,there are no discrimination . "Let's just be friends"... And that’s how every love story starts. *and ends* 

Kiko: What do you exactly feel when you are 'constantly' pawned or owned by a girl in-game?
Vhan: I feel challenged, well, when in pvp , gender is not the case, whether it's a guy or a gal, when he/she starts harassing/pwning/killing and thrashing you. It means business. Dead serious business.

Kiko: Have you fall in love in-game?
Vhan: Pass please, it's too painful to share. HAHAHA

Kiko: Hmm... I respect your privacy with your personal lovelife. Mind if you share some part of your story about it?
Vhan: She went to America. And that’s how the story ended :)

Kiko: If you need to choose only one between two things: girlfriend or game; which one you'll choose NOW?
Vhan: It's a case to case basis,(since I haven't encountered this dilemma - yet), but if your girlfriend is always giving you a hard time nagging you to stop playing, try to teach her the tools of the trade. (Teach her how to play ragna, or dota,LOL , etc.), but if the symptoms persist, better look for "the one" who can accept and understands you the way you are. Well,I haven't answered the question-yet. "If you need to choose only one between two things:" I'd answer girlfriend, opportunity happens and comes across us only once, if it knocks on your door, better hold on to it, and seriously speaking, better hold on to her and do everything to make your relationship work.

Kiko: Do you prefer your girlfriends to be gamers as well, or not? WHY?
Vhan: Yeah, since I’m a gamer, I’ll go look for someone who shares the same passion, interests ,and things that makes my world go round. Life is more enjoyable and colorful when you can do and share your passions and interests with that "special someone" .

Kiko: Any tips for your fellow gamers in your current games?
Vhan: Use your imagination,(this goes for all the mmoRPGs that I’ve ever played as wel). Know your Role: there is no things such as “Jack of all trades”, find the character class/job that is suitable to your palate, likes and gaming style. You should be able identify what will be your characters strengths and weaknesses and learn to improve your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses. Have patience: hunting farming, with good patience in that area comes good items and stuff. :D And have a good team and exercise good coordination. That’s the key to win every game.

Kiko: Anything else you want to say?
Vhan:  Thank you very much to sir Kiko, for giving me the privilege to be interviewed such as this. I have never imagined that one day, I be able to do something like this; be interviewed (formally and informally) to share my thoughts and ideas to other gaming people out there.

At the first time I was asked to do this, I was like "Who?, Me? Marami pa naman iba jan ah? Bat ako? xD" So once again ,thank you very much sir Kiko, and more power to your blogs and articles. God bless you.

Thanks Vhan for letting us to our Featured Pinoy Gamer! Special thanks to Kent Cebedo for nominating Vhan for our blog. Until next time, fellow gamers!

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