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Jul 24, 2011

Weekend Tech Notes

I just want to inform my blog readers and followers; specially those who are asking me about tablet PC specs that I've decided to focus more tech news and reviews; that is why I'm inviting everyone to my new tech blog: Weekend Tech Notes. I already made a Facebook Fanpage and Twitter account there. I'll update the blog every weekend (since it is my only free time to write some blogpost.); so keep connected for the latest updates on tech news and gadgets.

For those who leave some questions on my popular blogpost; aPad (iPad Clone) Buyers' Guide; don't worry because I made a special category for that: Readers's Corner. Here, all the questions asked by my readers will be answered by a full blog post (unlike before that I just replied on your questions thru comments). I'll do my best to cover up all the questions that have been post there.

Thanks for all your support. See you at Weekend tech Notes!
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