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Feb 25, 2011

3G-Portal PH: New Blog at Webs.Com

I've recently created a new blog at Webs.Com named, "3G-Portal PH: Games. Gadgets. Girls." As it's title suggest, this blog was all about games, gadgets, and girls! I'm inviting everyone to join 3G-Portal PH Facebook Fanpage to get fresh updates about the latest games, hottest gadgets, and sexiest girls in the internet! Thanks!

Feb 23, 2011

Image Publication Permission by the Owner

After having a public apology yesterday, Miss Mulhfeld send sent me a letter in my gmail account:

As you can see, it was all a miscommunication between me and Miss Mulhfeld. And to resolved the issue, she voluntarily provided me her own picture to be posted in my blog post about her as Featured Pinay Gamer of the Week.

Thanks Miss Ailyn for providing a picture for my blog. =)

Feb 17, 2011

Aze Sasaki: RAN Calendar Girl for February 2011

It's mid February already; time to introduce the RAN Calendar Girl for the month of February, 2011: Aze Sasaki.

Aze Sasaki: A Closer Look

Aze Sasaki was hailed as The Girls of FHM for the Month of March for two consucutive years (2009 and 2010).

Aze Sasaki as The Girls of FHM
for March 2009
Aze Sasaki as The Girls of FHM
for March 2010

Also, she was Rank # 41 in FHM 100 Sexiest of 2010.

Now, Aze Sasaki was RAN Calendar Girl for the Month of February 2011! Check this her interview with MOGTV:

Love Aze Sasaki? Follow her on Twitter and Facebook:

Feb 15, 2011

Thanks For The Valentine Cake!

Just want to give thanks to our beloved colleagues who gave a simple yet sweet gift this Valentines Day!

Thank you so much Westco Alliance Girls!!! Please accept our simple token of appreciation for your good deed!

Thank You Poem
I want to tell you "Thank you,"
But it doesn’t seem enough.
Words don’t seem sufficient--
"Blah, blah" and all that stuff.

Please know I have deep feelings
About your generous act.
I really appreciate you;
You’re so nice, and that’s a fact!

Feb 4, 2011

My 27th Birthday

Today, I'm celebrating my 27th birthday...
Though I have nothing right now
But a small birthday cupcake to blow with,
I'm happy and contented...
Because I know that from now on,
I will not grow older alone anymore...

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