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Sep 24, 2010

Controversial Dragonica Hydra Server

It was almost 2 weeks ago since we start to experienced difficulty in entering into Dragonica Online PH Client. Lots of us wasn't able to login our accounts no matter how many times we try it. (some said they tried to login for almost an hour, but nothing happened) This is due to increasing number of gamers playing Dragonica Online on Philippine Server. That is why, E-Games annouced that they are going to open a new server hopefully by the end of September, 2010. Some find it exciting, many find it irritating. Lots of players said that E-Games should open new channels instead of a new server. But E-Games didn't do it.

Why E-Games decided to launch a new server instead of adding new channels? I think it is because the current Dragonica Online PH server (Wyvern Server) already reached its maximum limit. Even if they add new channels at Wyvern Server, it will not increase the number of players' capacity that the game server can hold; instead, it will just divided the gamers into smaller playing groups.

Let us assume that Dragonica Server is a Family Sized Pizza which is good for 16 persons only. If the pizza is divided for 16 persons or less, each will recieve a fair share of pizza, and everyone will be satisfy, right? Now, Let's divided the pizza for 32 or 48 persons, do you think anyone will be satisfy on what he will recieve? No. The best thing to do there is to buy another Family Sized Pizza so that there will be ample or fair share of pizza for everyone.

Same thing goes to game servers. We can't force Wyvern Server to accomodate 16,000 gamers if it can only holds 12,000 players. That is why E-Games dicided to open up the new Hydra Server for them to accomodate the increasing number of gamers playing Dragonica Online. They are doing it because they want to satisfy us to the best that they can.

For now, while there are single server available for us, I'm asking my fellow Dragonicans to be patient as E-Games doing their best to launch the new server as soon as possible. =)

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