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Dec 27, 2010

Dragonica's 2nd and 3rd Job Advancement Guide

2nd Job Advancement
Requirement: Level 20 or above

Warrior Commander - Top Left of Port of Winds
Senior Magician - Top Right of Port of Winds
Archer Markman - Bottom Left of Port of Winds
Veteran Thief - Bottom Right of Port of Winds

Quests Needed to Complete:
Once you reach level 20, talk to the job's instructor in order to obtain these quests.

1) Promotion Test (1)
Hunt (20) Promotion emblems at Bearded Whale Coast.

2) Promotion Test (2)
Defeat Captain White Tooth in Beared Whale Coast 2 stars MM.

3) Unfinished Business
Defeat Captain White Tooth in Beared Whale Coast 4 stars MM.

4) You've been promoted to 2nd job
Talk to Evan, Edeline, Rony, Cyndi.

3rd Job Advancement
Requirement: Level 40 or above

Pablo - Right Of Libra

Quests Needed to Complete:
Player must ensure that they've completed the required Hero Quests from Colin.

Truth by chance (1)
Defeat White Tooth (Hookah) in Bearded Whale Coast MM.

Truth by chance (2)
Defeat Alvida and destroy (7) Eliminate Bomb in Steven Trading Port MM (Hero Quest Mode).

Doctor Who?
Talk to Patrol Guard .

Port of the Winds - Stench
Investigate Nautilus Port.

Decomposing Monster Corpses
Hunt (20) Rotting Monster Corpse at Steven Trading Port.

Slay Farrell!
Defeat Dr. Farrell.

Dragon Expedition!
Talk to Soveregin .

1) Farrell's Diary
Defeat Sambaba in Valid Raeth (Hero Quest Mode) MM.

2) Fight to the death against Drakes!
Defeat Lavalon.

3) To gain stronger power
Obtain 200+ combos at Smoldering Swamp.

4) You've been promoted to 3rd job
Talk to Pablo.

(for other hero quest details, check this link)

*** credit to Kenzai for these guides. ***
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