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Oct 16, 2010

Dragonica PH Warrior-Knight-Paladin-Guardian Skill Build

Updated: April 5, 2011

After the Reign of Frost Patch in Dragonica PH, I've changed (again) my preferred skill build for Warrior-Knight-Paladin-Guardian path. With the help of a popular Dragonica PH Guardian, Direi, here is the must-have skills that I need to maxed out and focus on when I reach Level 75 as Guardian:

Warrior's Must Have Skills:
Storm Blade Level 1: Creates a deadly whirlwind to hit mid air 6 enemy targets. Targets chosen at random. Maxed out this skill while you are at Warrior and Knight stage; then leave it to Level 1 when you reset your skill at your Paladin stage.

Sword Dance Level 5: Throws your sword, hitting 7 enemies and knocking them down. The higher the level, the longer range you can throw the sword to your enemies. Main catcher during PVP.

Hammer Crash Level 9: Smash enemies with a giant hammer with a 90% chance to stun enemies. Monster card needed to add additional skill level to this skill.

Knight's Must Have Skills:
Aerial Smackdown Level 1: From mid-air, dash into the ground launching 5 enemies into the air. This can be an alternative launcher (for Spin It Bear) in preparation for for Storm Blade skill.

Spear Jab Level 2: A 5 combo attack with a broom that knocks 7 enemies down. Best opening skill followed up by Cross Cut or Sword Dance.

Spin It Bear Level 5: Summon the spirit of the bear to cast a spinning attack. Though it require high amount of MP, but its really powerful, a good launcher asides from Aerial Smackdown.

Shield Mastery Level 9: Permanently increases Blocking Rate and Physical Defense. For Blocking Type Guardian, this is a must be skill. Need monster card to upgrade its maxed level.

Dodge Level 9: Temporarily increases Blocking Rate for 30 secs. A must-have skill to improve with Shield Mastery. Need monster card to upgrade its maxed level.

Impervion Level 5: Although Impervion has been nerf in this patch, this is still helpful most specially in Battle Squares and Emporia Wars.

Paladin's Must Have Skills:
Joint Break Level 2: Attack 6 enemies at their joints to decrease their attack and movement speed by 40% for 5 seconds and slightly launch them into the air.

Weapon Suspension Level 2: Attack up to 6 enemies and block their attack action for 5 seconds.

Weapon Crasher Level 2: Attack up to 6 enemies, damaging them and decreasing their physical and magical attack power by 20% for 10 seconds.

Cross Cut Level 5: Attack 12 enemies with a powerful crosscut and knock them down. A good combo skills with Spear Jab and Sword Dance.

Iron Skin Level 5: Increase physical defense by +430.

Barricade Level 5: Transforms into a combat cop which cannot attack but has 55% higher defense. When this skill is used, 5 debuffs are removed and a level 5 slow heal is applied for 30 seconds.

Cockroach Life Level 5: If cast when HP is lower than 25% of maximum, it will instantly return 40% of your max HP and increase physical and magical defense power by 90% for 70 seconds.

Time Reverse Level 4: Toggles a buff that decreases casting time and cooldown time by 1.6 seconds by consuming 24 MP per second. (Level 5 Time Reverse has no difference on Level 4 Timer Reverse; they both reduce casting time and cooldown by 2 seconds.)

** I'm still practicing how to make good combo using Weapon Suspension, Joint Break, and Weapon Crasher with other Skills for PVP and PVE purposes.

Guardian's Must Have Skills:

Rolling Ground Level 5: Move quickly, and spin rapidly while moving forward in a straight line. Attacks up to 6 enemies 13 times.

Ascending Dragon Lv.1 : Ride an ascending dragon to launch standing or mid-air enemies with 6 rapid attacks. At skill level 5 fallen enemies can be hit.

Dragon Dive Level 1: With the power of the dragon, perform a diving attack with a powerful spin. Attack up to 6 enemies 6 times, with the final attack launching your enemies.

** I just leave the 2 awakening skills to level 1 since it seems I will rarely use it.

I hope this guide will be more useful than before for Warrior-Knight-Paladin-Guardian skill build.

Special thanks to Rico Verzonilla a.k.a. Direi for helping me with this build.

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