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Mar 22, 2011

Featured Pinoy Online Gamer: Mhak Pangilinan

"It's okay to take a game seriously if you're competitive, but don't let it control and ruin your life. Hindi mo mailalagay sa resume mo yan."
- Mhak
(L to R) Good friends; both in-game and in-real life:
RIDETHESKY, Quatoreya (Mhak), Tyrean, & SuzukiAiri

Mhak Pangilinan is known as "Quatoreya" in Dragonica PH Forum and to his former Dragonica PH guild, Quaelum Circle. Even though he is not one of the top tiers of the games he played, he is really respected by his fellow gamers. Well, let's get to know more Mhak Pangilinan; our first Featured Pinoy Online Gamer:

Real Life Name: Mhak Pangilinan

Birthday: October 12, 1988

Birthplace: Bulacan

Occupation: Currently taking up web design and 3D arts

Some Info About Mhak: Hmm... let's see. IRL I'm just your average dood. I am quiet around people I'm not close with and I usually speak only when spoken to. But if I've known you for quite some time and we really click, flip akong kasama. Patawa.

I'm also a basement dweller. I stay at home most of the time as everything I need - from gadgets to food - are right under my roof. I don't mean to offend, but I find people boring. I am more in tune with technology and nature. While I enjoy being around the company of friends, after a few hours of mingling, I just got to get out of there, lol.

I like to read books, play games, and tinker with various computer applications. I guess you can say that I'm a nerd, but not of the typical kind. Because, you see, you can rely on me when things get ugly and I'll be beside you at the first sign of blood. *wink* Oh yeah, and I appreciate natural beauty - women who wear no makeup.

List of Online Games Mhak Played and Currently Playing: I forgot most of them but here are the games which I remember playing. I won't include the levels because I can't remember, and they're really not worth mentioning anyway.

- Ragnarok, Rising Force, S4 League, Audition, Nostale Global, Gunbound, O2Jam, Dragonica, etc. My current game of choice is Heroes of Newerth.

Kiko: How do make your characters so strong like that?
Mhak: Well first of all, my character isn't strong, especially when compared to the real top tiers. I prefer competing in tournaments kasi and just play at my own, snail-like pace. For my level bracket, I guess it's above mediocre, and the reason for that is I just top up... a lot, lol.

You also have to know what kind of equipment your char needs, what the right build should be depending on your playstyle, and how to properly chain the skills you have in your arsenal. A character is only as strong as the person controlling it.

Kiko: How do you manage and balance your in-game and real-world life?
Mhak: Before, I used to play online games most of the time. Inherent na kasi sa akin yung pagiging hardcore. Nowadays, since I have school and all, I'm starting to dedicate my weekdays on studying.

For weekends, it's where I give time for myself. Either I spend the day playing a console game like Uncharted 2, or play a competitive online game like HoN... or maybe just go out with friends and watch a movie and simply chill at High Street.

Kiko: Have you come to the point that your gaming life affected your real life?
Specially with your family and friends?
Mhak: Yes. Back during my teenage years, online games were my world to the point where I was being scolded by my grandparents for having nothing better to do. Sometimes, even friends argue over petty things that happen in-game.

So my advice to other players is that they should just take the game for what it is - something meant to be enjoyed. Online games eventually succumb to the ravages of time, but friends and family? Those are eternal. It's okay to take a game seriously if you're competitive, but don't let it control and ruin your life. Hindi mo mailalagay sa resume mo yan.

Kiko: There are lots on Pinay Online Gamers nowadays. Do you (by any chance) seek some proof to prove that the one who you're playing is a real girl?
If so, WHY? Is that a big deal?
Mhak: No, for the simple reason that I don't really care if they're female or not. I play online games for the competition and community. Only time I would even consider checking whether a player is a girl or not is if they're using that to take advantage of others, especially if they're targetting someone I know. I hate people who use others for their own personal gain.

Kiko: This is a special question from girls: Bakit daw ang TULIS natin kapag nalaman natin na "real "girl ung player?
What is your point of view here?

Mhak: Because men are barbarians by nature. Nuff said.

Kiko: What do you exactly feel when you are 'constantly' pawned or owned by a girl in-game?
Mhak: Impressed, actually. She can teach me those moves anytime, hehehe.

Kiko: Have you fall in love in-game?
Mhak: Yes. 2 years ago when I was still playing Nostale Global. Magkaguild kami and I was the leader. She joined with her friend. At first, I didn't really pay much attention to her. Pa quit na rin nga ako non actually. Pero all that changed when they held a 2x EXP event for Valentine's Day.

I asked her if she wanted to form a party with me because she was a healer. That's how we became close. I don't even know how it happened. I just felt so elated being around her all of a sudden. Eventually, we did all the in-game stuff together and we became even closer.

Nung kaming dalawa lang magkaparty sa isang dungeon run, I PMed her while we were still inside. Naguusap na kami bago pa yon, at medyo mushy mushy na rin yung pakikitungo namin sa isat isa, pero nung na PM ko sya, ang binaggit ko lang ay...
"Pwede ka bang mahalin?"
Ang reply nya ay...
The rest, as they say, is history.

Kiko: Wow! Nice love story! Chessy, ha? LOL!
So, Since you answer YES on my recent question, you TOTALLY fall-in-love in game with her even you didn't see her yet in real life, right?
What make you fall in love with her?
Mhak: Yes, definitely. First time lang nangyari sa akin yon. Yung absolute devotion para sa isang tao na hindi ko pa nakikita. Sobrang bait kasi nya sa akin. I liked everything about her.

She was very, very moody and would get mad at every little thing nung naging kami na, but that's what made her who she was. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, kahit ano pa maging itsura nya, I don't care. She's the one. We met 3 months after we became serious.

Nung una ko syang nakita, it was like a scene from a movie. Nasa garden sya sa top floor ng Trinoma, and I was inside hiding behind a pillar. When I saw her for the first time, everything was in slow motion. Sya lang yung nakikita ko. She was sitting there looking so beautiful. The lighting made her look divine in my eyes. Napilitan lang ako lumabas nung nagagalit na sya sa akin through cellphone dahil hindi ako lumalabas sa likod nung pillar. I couldn't tell her I was petrified, haha.

Unfortunately, as the days went by, I took her for granted and it all went downhill from there. 7 months naging kami. My only regret was that I met her so early in life, during the time wherein I was still immature. First GF ko kasi sya and I didn't know how to express myself properly.

I sincerely hope that wherever she is right now, sana okay lang sya. And I hope na kung may bago man sya ngayon, sana he turns out be the guy that I failed to be. O ha. Pero yeah, seriously.

Kiko: If you need to choose only one between two things: girlfriend or game; which one you'll choose NOW?
Mhak: Girlfriend syempre. When it comes to the person you love, everything else is insignificant. Hindi na kailangang ielaborate yan.

Kiko: Do you prefer your girlfriends to be gamers as well, or not? WHY?
Mhak: Yes. It's much better if you two have more in common with each other. That way, you'd have more to talk about and do together as a couple. Para at least kahit sa virtual reality, kasama mo pa rin sya.

Kiko: Any tips for your fellow gamers in your current games?
Mhak: Play at your own pace and don't forget to keep other important stuff in check, like school and whatnot. Moreover, kung competitive ka, practice practice practice.

Read guides, create the most imba combo for your chosen class, and find out how other classes work as well so that you would know how to counter them.

Wag din lalaki ang ulo. Cherish the friends you gain and never forget the people who helped you get to where you are now.

Kiko: Anything else you want to say?
Mhak: Hi sa inyong lahat. I was invited to answer these questions, and since ang humble ng nagrequest, I made it as detailed as I can. Sa lahat ng players, stay awesome ! GL HF JY ~

Thanks a lot Mhak for giving some of your spare time for this interview! Very inspiring stories! I hope you'll set as good example to other online gamers who'll read your story. May your story will teach other gamers on how to balance your in-game and real-world life.

Special thanks to Eileen Sorela for recommending Mhak to be Featured Pinoy Online Gamer.

Well, until the next time, guys!
Who'll have the guts to be the next Featured Pinoy Online Gamer?
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