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Mar 18, 2011

Featured Pinoy Online Gamer of the Week Details

Featured Pinoy Online Gamer of the Week will featured male gamers who excel well both in-game and real-world life. This means he must have manage to balance his lifestyle, inside and outside gaming world. To be qualified for being Featured Pinay Online Gamer of the Week, one must possess the following:

* Must possess high level characters in any online games.
* Must have able to manage and balance in-game and real-world life. (to be a good role model to other gamers)

If you think you have these qualification, please answer these questions:

Real Life Picture (please, give us your best pic/s, there are lots of girls and girls-at-heart that might reading the article about you!)

Real Life Name:



Occupation: (if you are still a student; please state the year level and course you are currently taking; name of school is optional)

Some Info About You: (both in real life and in-game):

List of Online Games Played and Currently Playing: (please state the name of the online game, the in-game name used, the level of the character, and the current status) - List as much as you can!

1. How do make your characters so strong like that? (if you are using cash items, give us idea how much have you spend in one particular character and why you spend such large amount of money for that - this is a question from a girl)

2. How do you manage and balance your in-game and real-world life? (please state how much time you spend your time in playing games and with your other non-game related activities)

3. Have you come to the point that your gaming life affected your real life? Specially with your family and friends? (if yes, please it with us and how do you deal with it; if no, just share your ideas how you will deal with it)

4. There are lots on Pinay Online Gamers nowadays. Do you (by any chance) seek some proof to prove that the one who you're playing is a real girl? If so, WHY? Is that a big deal?

5. (Special Question from Girls!) Bakit ang TULIS nyo kapag nalaman nyo na "real "girl ung player?

6. What do you exactly feel when you are 'constantly' pawned or owned by a girl in-game?

7. Have you fall in love in-game? (if yes, please share to us your love story; if no, please state your reason - dahil may GF na non gamers, dahil walang time sa GF-BF relationship, etc.)

7.1 If you answer YES on the recent question, please answer this: Do you TOTALLY fall-in-love in game even you didn't see her yet in real life? If yes, WHY? What make you fall in love with her? (much better if you will state her possessions that make you fall in love with her)

8. If you need to choose only one between two things: girlfriend or game; which one you'll choose NOW? (answer this wisely!)

9. Do you prefer your girlfriends to be gamers as well, or not? WHY?

10. Any tips for your fellow gamers in your current games?

11. Anything else you want to say? (greet your fellow gamers, and where they can get in touch with you - FB, YM, Skypes, etc.)

Since of my future audience will be girls, most of these questions came from Pinay gamers!
*** Credit to Tootie Frootie, Jazzy, and Nicci for helping me formulate this questions.

You can send you applications to my email:
Subject: Featured Pinoy Online Gamer of the Week - (state what forum you came from; e.g. Dragonica PH Forum , E-Games Forum, Level Up Forum; etc.)

So, do you have the GUTS to be part of Featured PInoy Online Gamer of the Week series?
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