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Nov 18, 2010

Last Thirty Days of Being Single

It was exactly a month to go now before the biggest day of my life: MY WEDDING DAY. Yup, finally, after many years of searching for the "right one", I already decided to get married.

You might ask: how do I feel now? Excited, of course. We had planned this since last year; it took us a year to prepare. And now, we are on the last stage of preparation for our wedding day; that is why me and my fiancee was so busy this past few weeks.

Right now, we are waiting for our pre-nuptial shooting schedule. Hopefully, we'll have it on the last Sunday of this month (November 28, 2010). We still need to confirm to our photographer-videographer on where we are going to shoot for our pre-nuptial pictures. So excited for it!

We'll that's all for now. I'll just update my blog when I have some spare time. =)
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