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Nov 19, 2010

E-Games' Guild Houses

As part of the upcoming Guild Congress 2010, E-Games have prepared four guild houses for Dragonica Online, RAN Online, Cabal Online, and Rune of Magic. Each guild house has its own goal and objective. Here are information for each guild house:

Objective: To gather all the adventurers into joining the Dragon expedition; to appoint the best guild to be glorified as ultimate warriors; to reinforce the bond between slayers and unite them to face the most powerful dragon of all.

Objective: Reinforce the ideals of strength through unity, trust through friendship & rule through leadership amongst the guilds of RAN Online.

Objective: Unite CABAL Online’s elite guilds and reinforce their loyalty to Nevareth by appointing them to specific quests that shall measure not only their strength and knowledge of the game, but also their unity as a group.

Objective: To unite all guild under a single banner and create a neutral ground where players can share their knowledge about Runes of Magic.

So, what guild house do you belong?
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