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Oct 1, 2010

Tamang Trip Lang!

Here are some of the pictures of my colleagues (or should I say, TEAMMATES) from Team Yap last Saturday (September 25, 2010). Hehehe, I don't know how we come up with such name like that; basta ang alam ko, Team Yap kami!

Kaye and Joan

Behind UP Oblation (?)

Team Yap with Mam Dyrah

Kaye Jacinto: Busted!

Joan and Kaye: Busted!

Westco Alliance Girls Joan, Hazel, Mam Dyrah, Joy, and Joan
The Blind, The Deaf, and The Mute (Wag Limusan!)

the Writer, the Editor, the Uploader

** Sorry for the late upload and post; I was absent for a couple of days.


derek said...

Ok lang! hahaha salamat!

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