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Mar 10, 2011

League of PVP Champions Invitation

Updated March 11, 2011:

Inspired by my fellow blog readers, I was convinced to make another series of gamers' blog post: League of PVP Champions. This will featured groups of gamers who won major gaming competitions. The group must consist of Pinoy gamers (male or female) and must won at least twice as "champion" in any major gaming competition; OR won at least once as "champion" and once as "Runner Up"; OR won at least once as "Runner Up" and participate at least twice in "Semi Final Round". I'm calling the attention of all groups of gamers from different games (Ragnarok, RAN Online, RF Online, Cabal Online, Rohan Online, Dragonica PH, etc) to be part of League of PVP Champion. Copy-paste the questionaires below to MS Word:

Group Name: (indicate also from what game you came from; e.g. Hellios of Dragonica PH - if you have guild logo, please include it.)

Championship Titles Won: (Please include the complete tournament title, date and place where the competition held; please include some pictures!)

Other Gaming Title Positions Won: (If you won 2nd place and below, write it here; include the complete tournament title, date and place where the competition held; again, include some pictures!)

Other Gaming Competition Joined: (If you joined but didn't won, include it here.)

How long you've been together as a group? (a little history on how do you get started will help a lot!)

Share to us your first time experience to join such gaming tournament / competition: (tell us what happen on your first gaming competition experience)

When did you get you first championship title? (if you can share us how to you get into the final, mas OK!)

What do you think is your major keypoints why you became a champion? (some tips on how you make gameplay with such character combinations; good character build; how do you remain intact as a group; etc.)

Any upcoming competition you are planning to join? (so they can expect your on that tournaments)

Other messages to your fellow gamers? (tips to became champions like you; you can greet you guildmates, too!)

Filled it up; then send this together with the necessary pictures (write "PVP League of Champions" as subject)

This will be a bimonthly-based posting; I'll post here the schedules on when I'll feature your group. I'll start posting once I've recieve the first 4 applications in my email.

Thanks in advance for those who are planning to participate in my "League of PVP Champions" blog post series!

Note: Please provide high resolution pictures as much as possible.
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