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Jan 5, 2011

Dragonica PH in the Eyes of Pinoy Gamers

I've read a thread in Dragonica PH Forum called "Dugtungan ang Pangungusap" wherein gamers show how they see the Dragonica Server here in Philippines. Here are some of their reply:
(Note: these are all opinions of Dragonica PH gamers based on what they are experiencing in playing Dragonica PH)

"Ang Dragonica ay parang BABAE: lage tinotopak."

"Ang Dragonica ay parang TUNAY NA LALAKE: malabong kausap. "

"Ang Dragonica ay parang BABAE: pa hard-to-get."

"Ang Dragonica ay parang PRINGLES: once you pop, you can't stop."

"Ang Dragonica ay parang GIRLFRIEND: mahirap tiisin."

"Ang Dragonica ay parang YOSI: mahirap alisin sa sistema."

"Ang Dragonica ay parang POKPOK: mabilis kapag may pera ka, kapag wala eh hindi ka na papansinin."

"Ang Dragonica ay parang GAMERS lang sa private server: kapag walang nag-dodonate eh magsasara agad ang game. pero kapag madaming donators eh napaka daming freebies pra hindi na umalis ang gamers."

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