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Dec 14, 2010

My Best Christmas Gift!

Pugad Baboy Book 6 - 15
I have received this gift during our company Christmas last Saturday (December 11, 2010) from one of my colleague. Actually, I just requested for Book 6-10 of Pugad Baboy Series; but since I know that Book 10 was a little bit expensive (it worth P350.00), I put another set of 5 books (Book 11-15 of Pugad Baboy Series) as an alternative. I didn't expect that she bought it all for me as a gift! What so funny about this is that they didn't able to guess that I am "Wisedog" (the codename I've used in our exchange gift). No one might thought about it since "Wisedog" seems to be a bookish person (and I'm not look like a bookish one!) LOL.
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