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Aug 25, 2010

Dragonica Online Game Balancing Issue

Kahapon (August 24, 2010; around 3:30PM), naglabas si CM Pyro ng bagong announcement sa Official Dragonica Online PH Blog:

Kung mababasa nyo, naglagay sila ng Additional 5% Experience Rate sa Channel 2 ONLY ng Dragonica Online Server nang sa ganoon DAW ay makaroon ng "Game Balance". Sa totoo lang, hindi ko makita ang tinatawag nila na game balancing sa ginawa nilang ito. How come the game will be balance if Channel 2 ONLY has the additional experience rate? The game will be MORE IMBALANCE since the tendency of MOST PLAYERS was to play at Channel 2.

For me, as a player, the best thing to do to resolve the issue regarding "Game Balancing" is to apply the additional 5% experience rate to ALL the channels and then limit the number of players that can enter a single channel. Let say, each channel has a capacity of xxxx players. When a certain channel reach this limit, notify the other players who will try to enter that channel that it was was already full and encourage them to play on other channels. That's it. Sa ganitong paraan, mas magiging balanse ang laro.

Whether you agree with me or not, don't forget to vote on this poll. Salamat.


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